Month: August 2019

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Being able to predict the type and percentage of subscribers who are most likely to “unsubscribe” from your video service and understanding why they want to cancel before they do puts you at an advantage when it comes to redefining and optimizing your marketing strategy. Knowledge is power, and information feeds knowledge, which is why…
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Back in the day, decision making was based on supposition. In a previous article we talked about why it is so important to know your audience and correctly segment it: so we can better align our marketing strategy with our viewers, focusing our communications on the right customers, and offering them quality content that is…
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One of the biggest mistakes video service businesses make when managing their viewers is to incorrectly segment their audience or to treat all subscribers the same way. The right approach lies in highly detailed, fine-tuned audience segmentation. Why? Because greater customer segmentation will be reflected in increased customer loyalty. Be smart about how you drill…
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