Deep Recommender
Content recommendation tool
based on machine learning

Content Recommendation Engine

JUMP Deep Recommender is a personalization tool for video content that provides your audience highly accurate recommendations after tracking and analyzing user patterns in content consumption and content similarity

Pre-integrated with leading video industry third parties

Configure the recommendations in the way that best fits your personalization strategy

Easily fine-tune the recommendation engine according to your personalization goals.

  • Genre weight
  • Content type weight
  • Overwrite recommendations
  • Include editorial content
  • Generate content black lists
  • Create and customize recommendation grids
  • Create and customize In-player overlay recommendations

Provide recommendations to your audience tailored to their consumption habits

Your audience will not just receive individual recommendations;  recommendations will also be adjusted to their different consumptions scenarios.

  • Type of day
    week day, weekend day
  • Time-frame
    morning, midday, afternoon, night
  • Device
    Mobile,  Smart TV, Web, etc.
  • Content-type
    movies, series, etc.
Data-driven Content Intelligence: content recommendation engine

Track recommendation performance to measure effectiveness

Once the recommendations have reached the audience, it is crucial to track their performance.

  • Recommendation impressions
  • Recommendation Impressions CTR
  • Recommendation Plays
  • Recommendation plays conversion rate