VIDEO DATA SUPPORT - supporting teaching and learning worldwide.

Jump joins fight against COVID-19 by supporting teaching and learning worldwide.

Jump joins fight against COVID-19 by supporting teaching and learning worldwide.

In response to the challenges created by the global public COVID-19 health crisis, many publishers are making scholarly content temporarily available for free on different platforms. Many schools, universities and other educational institutions are also trying to adapt to this scenario and offer online materials to their students.

Many educators only have experience with traditional ways of teaching and are not familiar with technology platforms. This poses the problem that it is often difficult for them to move into an online learning environment, which is why Jump is offering during this crisis free support and consultancy sessions for educators who need to adapt to this new educational framework. We will support them in their use of video platforms and online tools in order to ensure they can successfully continue the important work they do during these difficult times.

Jump is also offering its data driven management platform free of charge to video platforms that are focused on educational content. Any interested university, school, college or educational platform can use Jump’s Deep Insights Tool until this hard situation ends to improve the experience for their students and increase student engagement by understanding the content students most like and the content they have most trouble with. They will also be able to track performance — knowing when videos are completely watched or not — and analyze viewer behavior when using the platform. Educators will be able to improve the efficiency of all instructional activities carried out while students learn from the safety of their homes.

With this initiative Jump wants to do its part by supporting teaching and learning worldwide.

If you want to benefit from this service, contact us and we will do what we can to help your educational video service.

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