We’re opening a new product office!


I am very pleased to announce that since last week we have opened a new product development office in the technology park of Gij贸n, Asturias. This office complements our HQ center in Madrid and opens new possibilities of expansion of our product team in view of our growth of the next months.


We have established ourselves in the so-called “Mile of Knowledge” in which a space of exchange and transfer of technology between multiple agents of innovation (university centers, companies, research groups and public institutions) has been established.

At Jump we are committed to share knowledge as a mechanism to enrich all the agents involved in high technology and therefore we have surrounded companies from different sectors and disciplines (fin-tech, medicine, e-commerce, etc.) where I am more than sure knowledge sharing (and cakes 馃檪 ) , especially in the field of Big data and artificial intelligence, will be the tonic between our team and their colleagues in the technology center.


The office is led by Alejandro Lopez, Product tech Lead JUMP who coordinates the current local team.

In the coming months, the office is expected to grow and we have signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Oviedo to open vacancies for Software engineers, Data engineers and Data Scientist.

Viva Asturias!




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