data driven user experience

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Jump joins fight against COVID-19 by supporting teaching and learning worldwide. In response to the challenges created by the global public COVID-19 health crisis, many publishers are making scholarly content temporarily available for free on different platforms. Many schools, universities and other educational institutions are also trying to adapt to this scenario and offer online…
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One of the biggest mistakes video service businesses make when managing their viewers is to incorrectly segment their audience or to treat all subscribers the same way. The right approach lies in highly detailed, fine-tuned audience segmentation. Why? Because greater customer segmentation will be reflected in increased customer loyalty. Be smart about how you drill…
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The user experience is one of the elements that receives the most attention – and thus causes the most concern – for any business that is customer-focused or depends on product sales. Significant factors depend on it: factors such as the likelihood of repeat interest in a product or service; a user’s willingness to pay;…
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