video service data analysis

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Smart data marketing uses data to optimize activities related to efficient marketing investment, resource allocation, omnichannel focus, and user experience. Video service providers that track this data are the ones that set themselves apart from the competition. We differentiate four different levels of data driven model maturity: The first level includes Media service companies that…
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Jump Data-Driven Video created its AI framework in order to maintain its position of leadership in the development of cutting-edge AI technologies that address real world problems confronting the video market. The platform delivers the competitive advantage that maximizes profitability for players in the video industry. The Jump HAMLET technology was designed by Jump for…
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Back in the day, decision making was based on supposition. In a previous article we talked about why it is so important to know your audience and correctly segment it: so we can better align our marketing strategy with our viewers, focusing our communications on the right customers, and offering them quality content that is…
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