Ignite OTT Customer Passions or Die

Ignite your OTT customer passions or die!

Ignite your OTT customer passions or die! Actionable data for video service providers

When consuming video, we’re all driven by our passions, whether we’re sports fans, TV series binge watchers, or factual viewers. Knowing your users’ passions rather than just letting them play content will make all the difference in making sure that your customers are happy. (Ultimately, that’s what we all want!). Happy customers will happily continue to pay for your video service. So, learn about your customers’ passions to keep them (happily)!

  • Introduction
  • The key: know your customers
    • Retrieve and store all relevant customer footprint data
    • Get continuous insights from your customer
    • Help your customer discover content even better than they already do
    • Experimentation is crucial
    • Iterate, iterate and iterate again.

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